Professional Grout Cleaner

Professional Grout Cleaner is highly concentrated formula that is fast acting and easy to use.


Professional grout cleaner breaks down and dissolves dirt, grease, oil, old floor waxes, floor polishes and sealers that are found on tired looking grout surfaces. 


Excellent for use on all grout lines found between glazed and unglazed ceramic tiles, porcelain and all natural stone found in kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, shower rooms, garages, workshops, etc.    

Professional Grout Cleaner

  • Test product for suitable colour change or enhancement on a spare tile or in an inconspicuous area. 


    Invert container before use.


    For light to normal soiling, dilute 1 part Professional Grout Cleaner to 10 parts (100ml pre litre) warm water.  Apply through syringe or sponge.


    For heavy soiling, dilute 1 part Professional Grout Cleaner to 5 parts (200ml per litre) warm water. Apply through syringe or sponge.

    Leave for 5-10 minutes, clean off and rinse well after use, re-apply if necessary.


    Do not to allow this product to come in contact with polished surfaces, such as Marble, Granite and Sandstone)


    For heavy residue deposit removal, use  Grout & Cement Residue Remover.

  • Protective gloves should be worn when using this product.   Avoid contact with eyes. Thoroughly rinse all spills, and non treated areas with clean fresh water.