Polished Granite Impregnator

Polished Granite Impregnator is a professional strength product for impregnating Polished Granite. It produces an invisible, highly protective shield within and on the surface of the stone that helps to prevent staining from both water and oil based stains.


Particularly effective in kitchens, utility areas, bathrooms, shower rooms, dining rooms and all other areas where spillages may occur.

Polished Granite Impregnator

  • Invert container before use – The surface to be treated must be clean, free from any residues dust and dirt. If required, use  Wax & Residue Remover prior to application


    Using a clean dry cloth, applicator, sponge, brush or roller, apply a thin, even coat 25-35 ml per litre over the area to be treated.   When dry apply a second coat (more absorbent surfaces may require additional coats).


    Wait until most of the product has been absorbed, remove any excess with a clean dry cloth; buff up and polish areas with a clean cloth, removing any residue.


    COVERAGE:   Approx. 30-40 sq mtrs per litre.


    DRYING TIME:   Product should be touch dry after 1-3 hours, and fully cured within 24-36hours. Do not replace furniture for a minimum of 12 hours after applying.


     Ensure under floor heating is turned off and allow floor to cool prior to application.   Test product for any colour change in an inconspicuous area before use.

  • Use only in a well ventilated areas.  

    Wear appropriate safety gloves, eye protection and respirator when using this product.  

    In confined areas where adequate ventilation is not available, respirators or masks must be worn.