Natural Stone Sealer

Natural Stone Sealer can be used on most natural stones such as terrazzo, travertine, sandstone, limestone, brick sets, quarry tiles, unpolished Marble and Granite.


Natural Stone Sealer contains a blend of acrylic resin and co-polymers to develop a strong and durable seal on the stone.  


If you’re looking for high gloss finish, follow by applying Natural Stone Gloss.

Natural Stone Sealer

  • Approx. 10 sq mtrs per litre on rough or highly absorbent stone and up to 25 sq mtrs on less absorbent stone.


    Not For Outside Use.

    Ensure under floor heating is turned off and cooled prior to application to prevent premature drying.  Test product for suitable colour change or enhancement on a spare tile or in an inconspicuous area.


    Invert container before use.

    The surface to be treated must be clean, free from any residues, dust and dirt. If required, use Wax & Residue Remover prior to application.

    Dependent on stone type apply an even coat of 40-100ml per sq metre, using natural pad applicator, sponge, mop or roller.  

    Allow to dry before applying a second or third coat.  

    Ensure to apply in opposite directions. Wipe off any spills. Do not rush the application.

    If air bubbles appear, remove by passing your applicator slowly over the areas affected.

    For a high gloss finish apply a minimum of 3-4 coats of Natural Stone Gloss.


    Drying time may vary from floor to floor. Product should be touch dry within 30 to 60 minutes in-between coats, and fully cured within 6-12 hours.

    Allow 6-12 hours before standing furniture back on the treated floor.

  •  Protective gloves should be worn when using this product.   Avoid contact with eyes. Ensure all spills, and non treated areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water.  

    Use in well ventilated areas