Kleen & Buff LP

Kleen & Buff LP is a professional spray buff maintainer that contains highly advanced blends of surfactants, co-polymers and acrylic polymer waxes. Kleen & Buff LP helps to clean, restore, and maintain floors, and maintains a brilliant hi-gloss reflective shine, especially on surfaces previously sealed with one of our Hi-Gloss floor finishes.


Kleen & Buff LP can be used as a cleaner. Apply by either damp mopping or spray burnishing. This will keep the surface free from daily dirt and grease build up as well as being scuff, and slip, resistant. 


Kleen & Buff LP can be used on surfaces including, Amtico, Karndeen, Marmolium, Quarry Tiles, Natural Stone and Vinyl.


This product can be applied in both the domestic and commercial environment - ideal for schools, factories and medical installations.

Kleen & Buff LP

  • Invert container before use.


    First check that the floor is reasonably clean and not heavily soiled –


    (For spray burnishing) dilute 1 part Kleen & Buff LP to 1 part clean water, spray on to floor and buff/burnish with high speed rotary machine.


    (For mopping) dilute 1 part Kleen & Buff LP to 10 parts (100ml to 1litre) clean water and mop the floor.


    Allow to dry fully before burnishing.

  • Gloves should be worn when using this product.  Avoid contact with eyes; ensure all spills, and non treated areas are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water. Test product for any colour change in an inconspicuous place before using.