Grout & Cement Residue Remover

Grout & cement residue remover is a concentrated acidic residue remover. Containing a blend of acidic based cleaning agents and surfactants, this residue remove easily tackles cement residues, grout, rust and lime deposits. Effective on ceramic tiles, concrete floors, victorian tiles, brick sets and terracotta tiles.

Grout & Cement Residue Remover

  • Invert container before use


    Dilute 1 part Grout & Cement Residue Remover to 10 parts (100ml to 1 litre) warm, clean water.  

    Leave for 1 – 3 minutes, agitate with brush or pad.   Rinse with clean water.


    On heavily contaminated areas, dilute 1 part Grout & Cement Residue Remover to 5 parts (200ml to 1 litre) warm, clean water. 

    Apply by brush or spray.  

    Leave for 1-3 minutes, agitate with brush or pad.

    Rinse thoroughly with clean water, re-apply if necessary.

  • DO NOT USE ON ACID SENSITIVE SURFACES SUCH AS MARBLE & LIMESTONE – Always pre-test product on a spare tile on in an inconspicuous area for any adverse reaction.


     Protective gloves & eye protection should be worn when using this product, Avoid contact with eyes, avoid contact with acid sensitive surfaces such as Marble, Granite, Aluminium, Painted and Varnished Wood.  Ensure all areas treated are thoroughly rinsed with clean fresh water.

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