Antibacterial Floor Cleaner


Alltec's antibacterial floor cleaner provides excellect cleaning with its effective control against bacteria, spores, fungus and viruses.


Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner can be used daily on almost any hard floor surface, and is safe on all natural and ceramic tiles, in the home, office, schools, factory, nurseries, hospitals, shops, restaurants, swimming pools, kennels and catteries. This cleaner will keep flooring sanatary and will help prevent against the spread of diseases and viruses .


Antibacterial Floor Cleaner

  • Invert container before use


    Dilute 1 part Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner to 10 Parts (100ml to 1 litre) of warm clean water. 


    Using a clean mop & bucket, clean as normal. Change/replace water regularly. Allow to dry naturally.


    Anti Bacterial Floor Cleaner maybe used as a daily floor cleaner on all natural stone and ceramic tiles.


    For kitchen worktops or food preparation areas, use Anti bacterial Surface Cleaner, packed in ready to use trigger sprays.

  • Protective gloves should be worn when using this product. Avoid contact with eyes.